“ and I believe that the quality of your life is determined by the quality of your relationships and the quality of your relationships depends on the way with which you treat yourself ”

I am a counseling psychologist, Relationship Expert and Sexual ABuse Trauma Recovery specialist. I believe in empowering my clients through psychotherapy. When a client walks in with any mental health challenge, I don’t just work on helping them with that challenge but also on building their self esteem.

I believe that once you build your self esteem you’re able to fight any challenge of your life, effectively. That’s why I always work on the root of the problem instead of offering a temporary quick fix.

My therapy approach is to make the client self-reliant and emotionally independent which gives them the strength to face the challenges and enjoy the joys of life . I consider my work unfinished if the root of the problem is not addressed.

  • Meet your Goals in Life

  • Become emotionally stronger

  • Reach your potential to the fullest


My therapy sessions do not focus on giving advice and deciding things for my client. I use client-focused therapy where my key aim is to empower clients so that they can make wiser decisions for themselves and lead a better life.

Services and Charges

I provide one-on-one online therapy sessions, both audio and video. Sessions with me are an hour long and are elaborative and explorative in nature. First two sessions are dedicated to understanding your issues and helping you know your challenges better. I also set goals and accordingly share the treatment plan in the first two sessions itself. Duration of therapy depends on the severity of your problem and on the level of your insight. I charge 1500/- (to Indian clients) and 33$ (to international clients, as they are offered more flexible time slots) for an hour long session. Sessions mostly happen on a weekly basis for each client. I also provide group interventions. Find more details in the 'event' section.


I deal with issues such as anxiety, depression, underachievement, procrastination,perfectionism, body image issues, family conflicts, sleep problems, anger issues, trauma recovery, etc. However, over time I got particularly interested in working with relationship issues and sexual abuse trauma cases. Looking at how a big population is silently struggling with sexual trauma which is manifested in relationship issues thereafter made me dig deeper into these issues. On exploring and working in these areas further I realized that everyone is a victim of some kind of abuse in their life, if not sexual then emotional, if not abused by someone else then abused by self. As Esther Perel rightly said “The quality of our life is determined by the quality of relationships”. Addressing these issues particularly has brought about a lot of peace and fulfillment in the lives of my clients and it is extremely satisfying and encouraging for me as a therapist.


I have experienced this both personally and professionally that one cannot live a fulfilling life or do justice to their work without self awareness. As Matt Kahn rightly said, “People can only meet you, as deeply as they've met themselves”. I never forget that in order to do justice to my clients I need to first do justice to myself, to my emotions and my own mental health. And therefore, my biggest tool as a therapist is my commitment to understanding myself. Self exploration has been my biggest teacher in my professional journey so far.