About Me

I am a counseling psychologist, Relationship Expert and Sexual ABuse Trauma Recovery specialist. I believe in empowering my clients through psychotherapy. When a client walks in with any mental health challenge, I don’t just work on helping them with that challenge but also on building their self esteem.

I believe that once you build your self esteem you’re able to fight any challenge of your life, effectively. That’s why I always work on the root of the problem instead of offering a temporary quick fix.

My therapy approach is to make the client self-reliant and emotionally independent which gives them the strength to face the challenges and enjoy the joys of life . I consider my work unfinished if the root of the problem is not addressed.

Client Feedback



I feel glad to have her as my therapist.


Highly accessible and helpful counsellor and service. Room for improvement ==> it will be helpful if there was a feature to reschedule an appointment online. Secondly, some sessions are fully booked a week or so in advance. Not sure how to navigate this sometimes if you're someone who takes weekly sessions.


These sessions with Praneet have provided me with the tools to confront my issues. More than that, they have helped me process the pain I had gone through, and I did not think it was an important step. I love that even through overwhelming thoughts and immense amounts of grief, she was able to let me know that I can go through it and sometimes you need someone to remind you that.


I am glad that I decided to start therapy and honestly I was apprehensive about the process. But working with Praneet has been eye opening. In each session, I was able to voice all my troubles without being interrupted, it is a safe space where I didn't have to fear being judged. There's a systematic way of confronting our issues and Praneet has provided me with it. My journey towards self acceptance is long but I have began and made some progress, all thanks to her.



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