I am a counseling Psychologist, a speaker and a facilitator. The work that I do with my clients in groups and in individual sessions is a result of everything I learned from my formal education, my training, supervision, my experiences as a therapist and as a client.I hold a masters degree in clinical psychology. I have been trained under licensed clinical psychologists and have been supervised by them. I underwent therapy myself before I started practicing and continue to seek help from time to time. As a therapist my primary focus is always on my own mental health and I do everything I need to, to look after myself

Therapy Approach

I follow a holistic model of work which means that my work includes the biological, psychological and social aspects. I work with dynamics and contexts instead of labels and symptoms.

I use an array of approaches in my therapy sessions. The sessions are designed as per the needs of each client. I like to set goals for therapy with my clients so that we can track our progress and evaluate how far we’ve come in our course of work. The approaches that I work with include Client centered Therapy, CBT, Inner Child healing, Internal Family System, trauma informed therapy, mind body work, etc.

Area of Work & Specialization

I do not believe that we have mental disorders or mental illnesses. I come from a school of thought where I look at the symptoms of my clients as a manifestation of something they're struggling with on a deeper level and so I work with contexts and do not believe in labels and diagnosis.

I work with everything that comes out of our childhood trauma, which includes- relationship issues, self esteem issues, body image issues, concentration issues, break ups, intimacy issues, sexual problems, sleep issues existential crises, burn out, perfectionism, procrastination, loss and grief, sexual abuse trauma, emotional abuse trauma, anger issues, etc.

I have had the chance of working with relationship issues and sexual abuse issues very closely. My expertise in the area does not come from any formal education but from my training, my work with all my clients and my personal therapy.


I have had multiple clients who've shared how they've been emotionally more scarred by their therapists than their life experiences. After seeing malpractice on both personal and professional level I feel very strongly towards it. I believe a therapist cannot do justice to their job without doing their own inner work. As Matt Kahn says "People can only meet you as deeply as they've met themselves".

One way I ensure that I work right with my clients is by always taking feedback from them. I'm open to seeing what's not working for my client and updating and equipping myself with whatever they need on their journey. I believe I'm constantly a therapist in making. I learn to be a better therapist every day with every client. It's lifelong process. Being a therapist is not just a professional designation but a lifestyle for me.

"We're not a medical service providing or suicide prevention portal. If you're feeling suicidal or are in a life threatening situation, kindly visit a hospital or contact a suicide prevention helpline."